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Pregnant women with any laboratory evidence of the ZIKA virus infection.

Source: Pregnancy Registries as of January 21,2017

US States and DC:1,534
US Territories:3,225

ZIKA virus cases reported to ArboNET.

Source: ArboNET as March 1,2017

US States and DC:5,074
US Territories: 38,306

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Life is simple. Happiness is simple. Success is simple. Love is simple. Even death is a simple process. It’s us humans who make things intolerably complicated. Read this recipe out loud. Only three things to be happy… It seems to good to be true, doesn’t it? But what if it is true and you’ve been […]

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A Scandinavian winter. A dark afternoon with rapidly disappearing light and heavy skies. A new/old photographic-related friend, and a camera you’ve just had time to take out of the box and verify works at all – what do you do? Find something to shoot, of course: anything will do. I would say this short set […] […]

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