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What are the services we are currently providing? The Community United For Health And Prevention,Incorporated is currently providing free blood pressure screening in the States of Massachusetts by working jointly with SMOC organization. Our target population is the homeless living in shelters. We will expand our project by reaching the Churches also. As you know, our plan is to ultimately go overseas to provide to the people not only free blood pressure screening but also using EVR: Eradication, Vaccination, Research to go after the ZIKA Virus.We will report to CDC. We do not have at this time any information about the incidence and the prevalence of the ZIKA Virus infection in other Countries but we are happy to share with you the CDC report in order to make you aware of what is going on in the United States of America and its Territories.

Pregnant women with any any Lab evidence of ZIKA Virus infection
Source:Pregnancy Registries as of February 7,2017

US States and DC:1,455
US Territories:3,156

ZIKA Virus Cases Reported to ArboNET
Source: ArboNET as of February 15,2017

US States and DC:5,040
US Territories:37,023
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The Community united For Health And Prevention will continue to share
the CDC Weekly numbers.If our readers at WordPress follow retrospectively the statistics, they will realize that a lot needs to be done about the Zika Virus. The numbers are growing progressively despite CDC intervention in the United States of America. What about the other Countries? The Zika Virus epidemic is different than the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS). The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS)kills mostly the people infected by the AIDS Virus while the ZIKA Virus affects the Children born from mothers infected by the Zika Virus by giving to these children an irreversible congenital abnormality called microcephaly. Children with microcephaly will be disable for the rest of their life. If you study the life span of a child with microcephaly and the amount of money spent for each child with microcephaly during his life time, one can conclude that going after the Mosquitoes vectors of the Zika Virus is the right choice. We will consider the area of cost effective analysis of the eradication program another time. Let us now focus on the CDC weekly numbers.

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Here are the latest CDC numbers shared by the Community United For Health And Prevention.
Pregnant women with any Laboratory Evidence of Zika Virus infection.
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of January 24,2017
US States and DC:1,394
US Territories:3,071
Zika Virus cases reported to ArboNET
Source: ArboNET as of January 8,2017
US States and DC:5,001
US Territories:36,638.
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The Community United For Health And Prevention, Incorporated shares the latest Zika virus numbers from CDC.

The Community United For Health And Prevention will continue to share with the Center For Disease Control (CDC) the latest numbers but you will know more if you visit http://www.cdc.gov/zika. If you want to know more about us, you can visit jsaintelme@cufhapblog or http://www.cufhap.gov.com or https:// cufhap.gov.com. You can continue to visit us at wordpress.com, goggle and Facebook( jean Saint-Elme)and Tweeter. You will not be able to view the Community United for Health And Prevention section of jean Saint-Elme because of some issues with Facebook that need to be solved.Here are the latest CDC updates.
Pregnant women with any Laboratory Evidence of Zika virus infection.
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of January 24,2017.
US States and DC: 1,394
US Territories:3,071

Zika Virus cases reported to ArboNET
Source:ArboNET as February 1,2017
US States and DC: 4,973
US Territories:36,414
We would advise to always go to jsaintelme@cufhapblog to review the previous reports. This will help you understand the Zika virus epidemic in the United States despite the intervention of CDC. You will also have an idea about how important it is to go abroad to fight the Zika virus in those countries where there is no CDC. This will be the job of the Community United For Health And Prevention doing business as cufhap. Please join us in the fight against the zika virus. Support the Community United For Health And Prevention,Incorporated.


Every week, the Community United For Health And Prevention receives from Mr. Jean Saint-Elme email an update about the ZIKA virus. Mr. Saint-Elme is Sharing with our readers at WordPress the latest numbers in order to increase their awareness about the ZIKA virus infection. As of to date the Center for Disease Control is the only Organization providing this information. The Plan of the Community United For Health Prevention is, with the help of the US Government, to go overseas, implement the ZIKA virus Program, collect data and report to CDC.
Here are the latest numbers about the ZIKA virus in the United States and its Territories.
Pregnant women with any Laboratories evidence of ZIKA virus infection
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of January 10,2017
US States and DC:1,347
US Territories:2,885
ZIKA virus cases reported to ArboNET.
ArboNET as of January 25,2017
US States and DC:4,930
US Territories:35,784
Always visit the previous week numbers to understand the ZIKA virus infection in the US. The Community United For Health And Prevention advises our readers to continuously visit CDC site for more information. You can also visit us at WordPress,Goggle, Facebook,tweeter.


Last week we provide information about classical and atypical dengue fever. Today we are going to write about the Hemorrhagic fever syndrome. The hemorrhagic dengue fever syndrome is a mosquito borne hemorrhagic illness whose vector is Aedes Aegypti. Aedes Aegypti is also the the vector of the ZIKA virus infection and Chikungunya. Aedes Aegypti is an urban mosquito which breed in artificial containers and receptacles. Outbreaks are confined to rainy seasons although in areas of marked seasoned rainfall cases may occur throughout the year. Human-mosquito-human transmissions is responsible for urban epidemics
Prevalence: Dengue fever is a feared killer and a pathogenic enigma. It is classified initially as children illness in several tropical countries of the world such as Louisiana, Durban, Athens, Curacao, Bangkok, Thonburi, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.
History: The hemorrhagic fever was initiated in Philippines in 1953, Later it was applied by geographic areas in Philippines, Thai and Southeast Asia.
Cause: We have 4 types of Dengue ( Dengue type 1,2,3,4) or 6 types of Dengue and Chikungunya and they have been isolated from arthropods and humans during outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever.
Clinical Manifestations: Dengue fever has sudden appearance and has the following manifestations: nose bleeding, gums bleeding,melena (black stools),menorrhagia,hematemesis( vomiting blood). Disease of children, dengue begins abruptly with a minor stage by fever, cough,pharyngitis, headache. anorexia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain which is often severe and continues for 2 to 3 days. It may also present in classical form characterized by myalgia, arthralgia, bone pain and fever that can vary from 101 to 105 degrees F, injection of tonsils and pharynx and palpable lymph nodes and liver. The initial state is then followed by abrupt deterioration with rapid onset of lassitude and weakness. restlessness, cyanosis, macula-papular rash,low blood pressure and rapid heart rate.Fatality occurs mostly in the fourth or the fifth days of illness with melena ( black stools), hematemesis( vomiting blood), coma, unresponsive shock. All these signs and symptoms are considered poor prognosis.
Laboratories are abnormal
Diagnosis: Difficult. The diagnosis is done by isolation of the virus and the treatment is made by intravenous fluid administration and glucocorticosteroid.
Prognosis is poor and 6% to 23% of infants under one year of age died most of the time.
Prevention: Vector control. The Community United For Health And Prevention doing business as cufhap has already in place plans to control the mosquito vector of the illness. It is the only method available to prevent hemorrhagic dengue fever.
We would advise our readers at wordpress to refer to WHO( World Health Organization) table of clinical manifestations of hemorrhagic dengue fever.
This concludes our presentation on hemorrhagic dengue fever. Please visit us at wordpress.com, google, Facebook,http://cufhapgov.com or http://www.cufhapgov.com.

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