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Originally posted on Reimagine Therapy: It is completely understandable not loving what we are going through sometimes, but if we love ourselves during it, things actually become a lot more endurable. I have experimented with this idea many times and it always works wonders. The trick is to switch off the negative thoughts that flow…

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The Community United For Health And Prevention welcome the idea of the Center For Disease Control to control mosquitoes at home. Controlling mosquitoes at home is good but not good enough to control mosquito borne diseases. This intervention would be good if the people had to stay only at home and never go out. As soon as they are out their chance of acquiring mosquito borne diseases is still high. Mosquitoes have been around since the beginning of the world, they fly and they continue to multiply exponentially. They are vectors of several diseases. Few Public Health interventions have been done to control the mosquitoes.None of them was successful because these interventions were not global. To control mosquito borne diseases, health professionals have to consider the mosquitoes a Public issue and allocate funds to go after the mosquitoes around the globe in order to decrease mosquito population. By decreasing the mosquito population, the incidence of mosquito borne diseases will decrease automatically. Attempts were made in the past to control malaria, a mosquito borne disease. Malaria is still around because this intervention was not global. Aware of this mosquito Public Health Problem, the Community United For Health And Prevention, Incorporated (CUFHAP) would like to implement EVR (Eradication, Vaccination,Research).
Let us now share with with you the ascending increase of the incidence of the ZIKA epidemic reported weekly in the US by CDC and our readers at WordPress, Google and Tweeter will understand how important it is to go after the mosquitoes.

ZIKA May 26, 2017

Pregnant women with any laboratory evidence of ZIKA virus infection
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of May 9,2017
US States and DC: 1,845
US Territories: 3,795

ZIKA virus cases reported to ArboNET
Source: ArboNET: as of May 24,2017
US States and DC:5,300
US Territories: 36,562
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Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew and shows Great Malvern Priory. He tells me that when Henry VIII’s men came to sell off Great Malvern Priory, they accepted £20 from the parish for the Priory church (after removing the lead from the roof!) We had one of those days which the weather gods […]

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A few months back, I traveled to Singapore to photograph a big travel story for Selamta Magazine–the inflight publication for Ethiopian Airlines. I got to run around and see amazing things, meet fantastic people, and eat more than a few world-class meals. Pretty much the perfect assignment. And then to boot, the story design and […]

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