Characteristics of Gothic Cathedrals in France and their Structural Elements —

Cathedrals represent some of the finest examples of interconnections architectural, aesthetic, functional, but also the structural design of the building

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Life on a smaller scale — Tootlepedal’s Blog

I have had enough of the London Trip pictures so it is back to guest pictures of the day. Dropscone was on holiday in Glasgow last week when he met this attractive bridge over the Clyde. After the excitement of yesterday, we had a very calm domestic day today. We did get out in the […]

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Slovenia — Kerry Murray Photography | Travel Photography in Portugal

Slovenia is a tiny little country that we knew nothing about but were keen to explore. After the humid heat of Italy, it was great to get up into the mountains and lower temperatures, although we still had the occasional dramatic thunderstorm. Slovenia is gorgeous but, let it be said, not campervan friendly. Wild camping […]

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After reviewing the latest CDC report about the ZIKA virus epidemic and the decline of the incidence of ZIKA Virus infection, the Community United For Health And Prevention would like to share with its readers the list of some mosquito borne diseases in order to understand the importance of going after the Mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes have been around since the beginning of the world. They have been multiplying and they are very harmful to the human species. As of today no intervention has been done to decrease their population. They continue to be the vectors of so many diseases. The following is a list of diseases caused by Mosquitoes.
Arboviral infection
Dengue fever
Hemorrhagic fevers
Rift Valley fever
Venezuelan equine encephalitis
Yellow Fever
to name just a few.
What the scientists of the medical field have been doing? They have been implementing drug research programs aiming at finding new drugs capable of making the viruses less harmful. By doing so, the pharmaceutical companies are getting richer because people will continue to be sick. We do not have to go to a Public Health school to understand that going after the mosquitoes is the best strategy. Common sense will tell us that if we decrease partially the mosquito population, we will automatically decrease the incidence of all the above mosquito borne diseases.If we combine the Eradication program with a Vaccination program, the incidence of these diseases will be so low that some of the pharmaceutical companies will go bankrupt. We, the Community United For Health And Prevention, incorporated, working for the people, will continue to stress the importance of an Eradication program aiming at decreasing partially the mosquito population in order to decrease the incidence of the above mentioned mosquito borne diseases. We will continue to ask the people to follow the CDC and the WHO guidelines because we,in the Health profession, have only one goal: GIVING TO THE PEOPLE A FEELING OF WELL BEING.
Now let us share the CDC latest statistics:
ZIKA Updates July 28,2017
Pregnant women with any laboratory evidence of Zika Virus infection.
Source:Pregnancy Registries as of July 11,2017
US States and DC:2,047
US Territories:4,285
Zika Virus cases reported to ArboNET
Source: ArboNET as of July 26,2017
US States and DC:5,399
US territories: 36,986