Jo’s Monday walk : Bolton Abbey and the Strid — restlessjo

When the email dropped into my Inbox I was immediately excited. It was many years since I’d been to Bolton Abbey, in the Yorkshire Dales, but I knew it had a special location. An invitation to walk there in the company of some of my Algarve walking friends was a real cause for excitement. I […]

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If You Ask Frank Lloyd Wright for Tudor Revival — The Secret Knowledge of Spaces

If nothing else, Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his role in creating the Prairie style. His house designs, particularly the later ones, all have similar look to them: horizontal lines, overhangs, hidden entrances. By the end of his career, it was these designs for which people flocked to Frank Lloyd Wright. But in […]

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Discovering Home — AngelineM’s Blog — Community United For Health And Prevention

There’s a world out there to discover, but sometimes the best place to start is home. A little town in San Francisco’s North Bay, population of about 32,000, was founded in 1847, and served as California’s capital from 1853-1854, and also as a part of the Pony Express journey from 1860-1861. The Pony Express would […] […]

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Community United For Heath And Prevention: Weekly Report.

The Direction of the Community United For Health And Prevention would like to share with the followers that the Organization is experiencing some issues. As soon as these issues are solved, we will share it with you. Our priority at this time is to figure out how Mr. Jean Saint-Elme can enter microsoft without difficulty in order to write and print the necessary the documents to solve these issues. We hope the Microsoft issue will be solved over the weekend. Meanwhile, we will continue to share with you the weekly CDC report obtained by Mr.Jean Saint-Elme via emails. Last week, we publish some information but apparently this information did not come through. To refresh your memory, the incidence of the the Zika Virus Epidemic is declining in the United States and its Territories. This does not mean that the ZIKA virus epidemic is over because we do not have the necessary information to prove it. What the Community United For Health is proposing is to implement some research projects aiming at studying such decline in other Countries like Brazil. To achieve these goals, CUFHAP needs desperately finance and funding. We are a registered non-profit,tax-exempt Organization.We are exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501(c)3. We will welcome any donations. Donors can deduct donations they make to the organization under IRC 170 section. Donors can donate to the Community United For Health And Prevention through Network For Good And Guide Star. Please write donations under Community United For Health And Prevention’s name.
With the decline of the incidence of the Zika virus Epidemic in the US and its Territories, CUFHAP is providing free blood Pressure screening in Framingham,Massachusetts. We are targeting the homeless and we are working under SMOC(South Middlesex Opportunity Council) supervision. Reaching out the homeless is very challenging. The implementation of this project is slow because of poor financing. We need your help to keep going. Besides this project, CUFHAP intends to provide to the female population free breast self-examination education for early detection of breast cancer. We will provide to the general population free diabetic education and free HIV counseling and referral for testing. We cannot go far without your help. PLEASE DONATE.
Now lat us share the weekly CDC report. The numbers are almost the same as last week. To keep that in our record, we are sharing them with you.

ZIKA updates as of August 11,2017
Pregnant with any Laboratory Evidence of ZIKA virus infection.
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of July 25,2011

US STATES and DC:2,086
US Territories:4,341

ZIKA Virus Cases reported to ArnoNET
Source: ArboNET as of August 9, 2017

US STATES and DC:5,413
US Territories:37,007

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental — scillagrace

“Explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire. How do you capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water? Or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?” Air, water and fire form a double rainbow touching Earth. Sitting on the ground beside a lake, […]

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