Community United For Health And Prevention, Incorporated versus Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have been around since the beginning of the World. They are the vectors of several diseases. Few interventions have been done to eradicate them. The incidence of some of the diseases is on the rise. We are taking the opportunity to tell our readers about the diseases caused by mosquitoes and elaborate more about the diseases that are currently on the rise. It has been proven that Mosquitoes are vectors of the following diseases: Arbovirus infection, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, Encephalitis, Filariasis, Hemorrhagic fever, Malaria, Rift Valley fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Yellow fever to name just a few. Lately, the world has witnessed an increase in the incidence of the ZIKA virus infection and the West Nile virus infection. The Community United for health and Prevention has already developed strategies about how to decrease the incidence of the mosquito-borne diseases. HIPOZIKAMDE and IPOZIKAVV can not only decrease the incidence of the ZIKA Virus infection but also all other diseases caused by mosquitoes. We are not going to say more about the ZIKA Virus epidemic. All that you have to do is to visit and you will learn the strategies proposed by cufhap to not only decrease the incidence of the ZIKA Virus but also all the mosquito-borne diseases including the West Nile Virus currently on the rise.

What about the West Nile Virus? West Nile virus is a group B arbovirus. The West Nile virus has been found mostly from South Africa to Southwestern India but has been shown as a cause of significant disease in the Near East ( Harrison Principle of Internal Medicine page 830)

Transmission: West Nile transmission Cycle in Egypt is believed to be bird-to-mosquito-to-bird. with culex univittatus as the principal vector Human and other vertebrates are also infected by the virus. In Israel, the most probable vectors are probably Culex molestus and Culex univitatus ( Harrison’s principle of Internal Medicine page 830).

Clinical manifestations:

Population in Israel: Young adults with neither sex predominating presenting with fever 38.3 to 40 degrees C ( 101 to 104 degrees F), chills, drowsiness, severe frontal headache, ocular pain, abdominal pain, and backache, anorexia, nausea, and dryness of the throat. lymph nodes enlargement, occipital, axillary and inguinal involvement, enlarged spleen and rash, meningeal involvement, Pleocytosis,  increased protein concentration, leukopenia

The convalescent period is prolonged lasting 1 to 2 weeks. with symptoms of fatigue.

Diagnosis: Isolation of the virus.

Treatment: Symptomatic.

The Community Unite4d For Health And Prevention, Incorporated takes the opportunity to present to you the Western Nile Virus symptomatology because this viral infection is on the rise and it needs to be stopped. Please visit Facebook cufhap-impressum.

Author: cufhap

Founder and executive Director on the Community United For Health And Prevention (CUFHAP), I am a trained physician with a master of Public Health, a Health care in developing countries certificate and an LPN. My goals are to develop strategies to partially decrease the population of the mosquitoes vector of the ZIKA virus in order to decrease the incidence of microcephaly among the children born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus.By doing so,we will decrease the incidence of Guillain Barre Syndrome , encephalitis and other diseases caused by mosquito bite like malaria, arboviral meningo- encephalitis caused by multiple viral agents. These arboviral diseases are classified by geographic area WNV (Western Nile Virus), Eastern and Western equine encephalitis,La Crosse encephalitis, St Louis encephalitis. To reach these goals the Community United For Health And Prevention needs the support of the people and the governments.

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