The Community United For Health And Prevention, Incorporated shares the latest Zika virus numbers from CDC.

The Community United For Health And Prevention will continue to share with the Center For Disease Control (CDC) the latest numbers but you will know more if you visit If you want to know more about us, you can visit jsaintelme@cufhapblog or or https:// You can continue to visit us at, goggle and Facebook( jean Saint-Elme)and Tweeter. You will not be able to view the Community United for Health And Prevention section of jean Saint-Elme because of some issues with Facebook that need to be solved.Here are the latest CDC updates.
Pregnant women with any Laboratory Evidence of Zika virus infection.
Source: Pregnancy Registries as of January 24,2017.
US States and DC: 1,394
US Territories:3,071

Zika Virus cases reported to ArboNET
Source:ArboNET as February 1,2017
US States and DC: 4,973
US Territories:36,414
We would advise to always go to jsaintelme@cufhapblog to review the previous reports. This will help you understand the Zika virus epidemic in the United States despite the intervention of CDC. You will also have an idea about how important it is to go abroad to fight the Zika virus in those countries where there is no CDC. This will be the job of the Community United For Health And Prevention doing business as cufhap. Please join us in the fight against the zika virus. Support the Community United For Health And Prevention,Incorporated.

Author: cufhap

Founder and executive Director on the Community United For Health And Prevention (CUFHAP), I am a trained physician with a master of Public Health, a Health care in developing countries certificate and an LPN. My goals are to develop strategies to partially decrease the population of the mosquitoes vector of the ZIKA virus in order to decrease the incidence of microcephaly among the children born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus.By doing so,we will decrease the incidence of Guillain Barre Syndrome , encephalitis and other diseases caused by mosquito bite like malaria, arboviral meningo- encephalitis caused by multiple viral agents. These arboviral diseases are classified by geographic area WNV (Western Nile Virus), Eastern and Western equine encephalitis,La Crosse encephalitis, St Louis encephalitis. To reach these goals the Community United For Health And Prevention needs the support of the people and the governments.

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